Designed to reduce the surface tension of the applied solution, thereby ensuring the formation of a uniform film on the surface of the leaves. This contributes to better adhesion of the herbicide and its absorption by the plant. Thus, surfactant increases the speed of action and the effectiveness of the herbicide.

Active substance:

isodecyl alcohol ethoxylate, 900 g / l


soluble concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

Surfactant is used exclusively during the growing season. It dissolves the lipid layer on the leaves, thereby enhancing and accelerating herbicides the action; forms a thin film on the surface of the leaves, detains the active substances of herbicides in them.

Recommendations for use

The product has applied with the herbicide. Water hardness is not affected on its effectiveness. It is necessary to use the maximum dose of application, when spraying is held during a drought period.

How to use

The tank is half filled with water and pesticides are added with the mixer turned on. Then stop and add SAM Saf, then add the rest of the water with the mixer turned on.


Compatible with sulfonylurea herbicides: Eclat 750 WG.