18 years for a young man is a time of hopes, plans for the future and determining his path in life. Obviously, this also applies to the TerraVita company, which has been successfully operating on the agricultural market of Ukraine for 18 years. The company has chosen the path for a long time, and the fact that the choice was made correctly proves the results of 18 years of successful work.

The face of Terra Vita Karina Markarova Jr. (center) and company management: Milena Markarova (left) and CEO Karina Markarova (right)

Now “TerraVita” is a powerful player in the Ukrainian market, provides domestic farmers with protective equipment, seeds and micronutrient fertilizers from leading world producers. The company’s portfolio is annually replenished with new effective products, which have proven by experience and time, safe for humans and the environment. And the circle of partners is expanding, because the company has in fact proved its reliability and effectiveness.

Traditionally, at the end of the year, “TerraVita” gathers its colleagues and partners from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Germany, South Africa, Spain, and India at an international conference in Kiev to take stock of the season, communicate and discuss plans for the future. At the end of November, such meeting was held at the Kiev President Hotel. This time, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Taras Vysotsky joined the circle of partners and friends of the company. Congratulated those present and wished them success in their work, Mr. Taras shared his vision of the development of agricultural production in Ukraine and the current issue – land reform, what prompted an active discussion in the hall. However, according to the general manager of TerraVita Karina Markarova, the opening of the land market will ultimately lead to an increase in the number of farms, which is why companies supplying plant protection products will have to meet their needs.

Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Taras Vysotsky

– For “TerraVita”, to be modern is first of all to look for highly effective and at the same time safe solutions in the plant protection system, – Karina Markarova noted in her opening speech. – The creating of a product portfolio primarily depends on the problems facing farmers. We see that Ukraine has great potential for increasing crop yields, for increasing production productivity, and we are ready to help Ukrainian farmers realize these ambitious plans by offering innovative solutions to problems. Therefore, for our company we see a wide field of activity. Outside of modern innovation trends, we certainly will not find ourselves.

General manager of “TerraVita” Karina Markarova

Analyzing the further development of the PPP’s market, Ms. Karina identified several trends: the growing demand for products with a wider range of applications and for multicomponent products that allow optimizing crop protection systems.
– The basis of the global trend is multicomponent products with complex compositions, the effect of which the consumer already knows well, – said Ms. Karina.

– Currently, the significance of product is not so much in the active substance, like in its innovative formulation. Moving forward means working on more environmentally friendly, safe for human health products, in particular biological ones, which can reduce the chemical burden on the environment.

Therefore, “TerraVita”, based on 18 years of experience, quickly responds to these challenges, attracting partner companies from around the world to cooperation. Their representatives shared their innovative developments with the participants of the international conference.

In particular, Francesc Prats, a representative of the Spanish company SAS, a long-time partner of “TerraVita”, spoke about his own product – micronutrient fertilizers for foliar feeding of plants made on high-quality natural raw materials. The advantage of Spanish fertilizers with a high content of zinc CODA Zn-L, phosphorus – CODA Fol, a complex of amino acids enhanced with micro- and macroelements CODA Complex etc., is not only the ability to replenish the lack of necessary plant nutrients, but also resistance to high and low temperatures, low content of heavy metals, lack of sediment and etc. That is why these fertilizers are chosen by agrarians of 83 countries of the world, including in Ukraine.

The distant South African Republic is becoming closer to the farmers of Ukraine thanks to the unique hormone-containing plant growth regulator Kelpak produced by Kelp Products. The company representative, Janine Dams, recalled that the drug is made from the seaweed Ecklonia maxima, which grows in the cold coastal waters of South Africa and contains substances that help it survive in extreme conditions. These active substances that are extracted mechanically without heating are using to create Kelpak. As a result, a product made from Ecklonia maxima seaweed gives a powerful impetus to the growth of the root system of the plant and stimulates the growth of microorganisms in the soil. And, according to research results, processing Kelpak on a leaf surface gives a steady increase in yield up to 18%.

Representative of Kelp Products Ltd. Jeanine Dams

However, chemical products should not be ignored, because pests and pathogens are increasingly resisting defenses. Therefore, without new effective active substances can not do. For his part, George Neumann, a representative of the Indian company “Gharda Chemicals”, focused on the elements that make chemicals effective. Such elements, as Mrs. Karina Markarova noted in her speech, are not only the active substance, but also a unique formulation. “Gharda Chemicals” produces products based on it’s own patented active ingredients meet these criteria, in particular insecticides, Terrachlor 480 EC based on chlorpyrifos, Superkil 440 EC and Superkill Forte 550 EC based on cypermethrin and chlorpyrifos; Bestseller 200 SC based on alpha cypermethrin. All these products are included in the TerraVita’s portfolio and have proven effective in the fields of Ukraine.

Representative of Gharda Chemicals George Neumann

Contrary to experts’ forecasts of price stability for PPP in the next season, there are still certain reservations on this issue. And they are primarily associated with the situation in China – the main producer of raw materials. According to Susan Drobe (Stefes), due to environmental pollution, the country’s government is making efforts to improve the situation, in particular by reducing the number of pesticide manufacturing companies by 30% and moving production to limited territories by 2020. But the measures taken, in addition to improving the environment, have the opposite effect – manufacturers faced a shortage of raw materials for the manufacture of pesticides, and the number of production sites decreased from 5,000 to 2,000. In addition, explosions at the chemical plants in Sinshui and Jansu led to an even greater reduction in production. As a result, as Susan Drobe points out, a shortage of active ingredients leads to higher prices for raw materials and the final product.

Stefes’ representative Susan Drobe

One thing is good – for Ukrainian farmers who have partners such as TerraVita, there will be enough protection products at affordable prices. Indeed the company sets the goal in 2020, the improvement of the quality of work with customers, along with the expansion of sales markets.

The conference ended traditionally: by awarding business partners with memorable awards. The best distributors of 2019 were recognized by the Firm «Eridon» SPE and the «Trade house «Nasinnya» LTD. In the nomination Reliable Partner 2019, the awards were received by the «Agro-chemical company» LLC and the «Spectr-Agro» LTD and others.